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How can we help you as AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne?

AAA Cleaning Services MelbourneIs your current cleaner doing the job not well enough?
Is the dirt and dust getting more and more?
Are you sick and tired of cleaning?

We offer reliable and affordable

  • house cleaning
  • office cleaning
  • commercial cleaning
  • end of build cleaning
  • end of lease cleaning
  • spring cleaning
  • once-off cleaning

We love the best quality … clean, tidy, detailed – leaving a fresh smell of spring every time!

Office Cleaning Services Melbourne

You leave the office and we prepare it for the next day. We wipe, dust and vacuum the lot – reception area, offices, meeting rooms, tea kitchens and toilets. No job is too big or too small; making sure your office looks great and is clean.

Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne

A clean work place is a necessary requirement. It prevents accidents and workers appreciate it. We do the job for you. We clean work space, reception area, lunch rooms, toilets, and more. We guarantee a dust free, clean and save working environment.

End of Build Cleaning Services Melbourne

We get houses ready for their new owners to move in. We remove every dust particle and bit of paint after the last tradie has left. All we leave is a shine. Making it easy for the developer or builder. We work fast in small teams or in big teams to get the job done fast.

House Cleaning Services Melbourne

Get back your time and still have a perfect and clean home. We clean for you; as often as you want us to. All rooms of the house including baths, toilets, laundries and kitchens. We follow your instructions to the dot so you get the clean results you want every time.

A clean home, office or work space is not only saver. We all know that dirty surfaces become more slippery and that paper put on any spilled liquid will have stains. How do you want to present your business to your customers? A clean environment also makes the people working or living there feel better.  Studies show that happier employees create better results and are more productive.  Use cleaning services to produce a supportive environment for you, your workers or your family.

All of our AAA Cleaning Service Melbourne clients agree that getting a cleaning service in was the best thing they ever did – one thing less to worry about regardless how stressful the rest of their life was.

Please contact AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne and let us know how we can help you.

Warm Regards


AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne

House Cleaner Tip

My Granny said her mother gave her this house cleaner tip, so that would have been my great grandmother. If it was passed on from generation to generation it must be a good housekeeper tip.

I recall my mother and my grandmother following it religiously to the dot. They even swapped cards!

Others are judging us and some of it can be extremely harsh. A woman of the household, a house wife or a mother is extremely exposed to this scenario. And it is good to be able to protect yourself – at least a little bit.

House Cleaner Tip

Here it is:

House Cleaner Tip








Let’s spell it out again:

Always keep several get well cards on the mantel (piece) … So if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you’ve been sick and unable to clean.

Isn’t that gold? Thanks great grand mum, thanks granny and thanks mum! No more criticism. Instead maybe even empathy – or at least a glimpse of it. How this one thing can change everything. No more hidden criticism, no more ‘looks’, no more comments behind your back. It’s like a free ticket to freedom.

All it takes is buying four or five cards and writing a couple of sentences. And you choose the cards. You decide

  • if they have to be colour coordinated and have to work with your couch
  • if they are plain or fancy
  • if they are 2D or 3D
  • if they are funny or inspiring

Don’t doubt this House Cleaner Tip – try it out you will see it works or call us at AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne – because you have options.

Clean Regards
AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne

Cold Water Cleaning ( Melton and Worldwide)

cold water cleaning Melton AAA Cleaning Services MelbourneCleaning Joke Part 1

John went to visit his 90 year old grandfather in a very secluded, rural area of Georgia.

After spending a great evening chatting the night away, John’s grandfather prepared breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. However, John noticed a film like substance on his plate, and questioned his grandfather asking, “Are these plates clean?”

His grandfather replied, “They’re as clean as cold water can get them. Just you go ahead and finish your meal, Sonny!”

Cleaning Joke Part 2

For lunch the old man made hamburgers. Again, John was concerned about the plates as his appeared to have tiny specks around the edge that looked like dried egg and asked,

“Are you sure these plates are clean?”

Without looking up the old man said, “I told you before, Sonny, those dishes are as clean as cold water can get them. Now don’t you fret, I don’t want to hear another word about it!”

Cleaning Joke Part 3

Later that afternoon, John was on his way to a nearby town and as he was leaving, his grandfather’s dog started to growl, and wouldn’t let him pass. John yelled and said, “Grandfather, your dog won’t let me get to my car”.

Without diverting his attention from the football game he was watching on TV the old man shouted …


Clean Regards
AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne

P.S. We hope this cleaning joke entertained you as well as it did entertain us. We laughed our heads off and had sore bellies – thank you to the courtesy of CJ_half_H50

Is House Cleaning Melbourne Exercise?

Worldwide people ask the question if house cleaning is exercise – also in Melbourne, Australia. Could it be so easy? Just clean your house and become fit?

House Cleaning Melbourne

House Cleaning Melbourne – is it exercise?

When you ask this question you need to know 3 important facts about house cleaning!

  1. You move around while cleaning your house. Dusting, wiping, vacuming, and mopping will make you burn additional calories! Those calories you wouldn’t burn while sitting on the coach.
  2. House Cleaning can get your heart rate up – this holds true worldwide and of course as well in Melbourne. How much your heart rate goes up depends on how fast you move. The faster you move the more your heart rate goes up. So you decide how big the benefits are for your cardiovascular system.
  3. Moving around while cleaning your house will strengthen your muscles as well as it will stretch your muscles. Repetative movements like wiping give your muscles a good workout. And activities like high dusting make you reach and stretch out.

But does house cleaning really exercise you?

When searching on Google for ‘definition of exercise’ exercise is defined as

  • activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.

3 Important Questions About House Cleaning Melbourne

You need to ask yourself these 3 important questions to find out if house cleaning is exercise!

Q1: is burning calories while you do house cleaning sustaining and improving your health and fitness?

Q2: Is getting your heart rate up s while you do house cleaning sustaining and improving your health and fitness?

Q3: Is strengthening your muscles while you do house cleaning sustaining and improving your health and fitness?

You need to answer these questions for yourself – honestly! We believe that most people worldwide as well as in Melbourne will answer these 3 question with 3 Yeses.

That would make house cleaning Melbourne exercise. Let us know how you go! Leave us a comment!

We will publish the results in a later blog post.

Clean Regards
AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne

How to find an End Of Lease Cleaner Melton

Is it time to start looking for an End of LEase Cleaner Melton? Is it time to move? That means a lot of things need to be done:

End Of lease Cleaner Melton

End Of lease Cleaner Melton

  • All your belongings need to be packed up
  • Everybody who has your old address needs to get your new address
  • Electricity, Gas, Water and telephone need to be informed and booked so that you have these services also at your new place and
  • in worst case you still have to find a new place to live.

Additionally to all of this you need to leave your old place extra clean because you return it

  • to the real estate agency or
  • directly to the owner or
  • you have tenants who move in instead of you.

End Of Lease Cleaning is also called Move Out Clean or Bond Clean.

We get many help calls from people who planned doing the final clean themselves but run out of time or energy as there is so much to do. Cleaning your whole house or flat costs a lot of energy as walls have to washed down, windows have to be cleaned, kitchen and bathrooms need to look the piece, and many things more ….

So how do you find your end of lease cleaner in Melton?

The top 5 ways how to find an End Of Lease Cleaner in Melton are:

  1. Ask a your friends for recommendations.
  2. Ask your Real Estate Agent for a list of available end of lease cleaners
  3. Use the local paper like Leader Melton or Star News Melton
  4. Use the Internet and google: End Of Lease Cleaner Melton
  5. Use the Internet and google: End Of Lease Cleaning Services Melton

… and to make sure to get a good one check out their references. Until they have done a couple successfully they might not know what’s expected.

Clean Regards

Home Cleaning Brookfield Tip: How To Clean A Shower

Cleaning Services Brookfield How to clean a showerWe like to use it every day. No better feeling than warm water running over our body washing away the sleep or the stress of the day. We are using soap and shampoo and in the mornings we might be rushed to make it on time. We even might close our eyes letting the water refresh or relax our eyes – until cleaning day when we take a closer look. Read here our Home Cleaning Brookfield tip on how to clean a shower.

You probably don’t believe us that the shower takes a lot of work when we get called in for the first time.

Tiles, glass fixtures, corners, maybe shower curtains, soap, shampoo, dust and dampness … not a good combination if it is left alone for too long!

Soap scum which sticks easily to the tiles and glass and makes the tiles and the beautiful glass doors milky or maybe even solid white. (Find here the chemical formula for soap scum)

Mildew colouring the shower floor, corners and grout black and red – not a clean and healthy look!

Home Cleaning Brookfield Tip

Our Home Cleaning Brookfield Tip how to clean a shower – the short answer is: regularly!
Don’t leave it too late. Depending on how many people use the shower one week might be already too long.

Other facts which influence the cleaning frequency are

  • is the bathroom / shower room aired?
  • Do you leave the shower door open after using it
  • Do you dry off the walls after you showered?
  • Do you use soap or liquid soap?
  • How spacious is your shower?

The Home Cleaning Brookfield tip also applies other suburbs especially the next ones like Melton, Eynesbury and Bacchus March.

Clean regards!



Home Cleaner Melton – Ngairee about AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne

Home Cleaner Melton – how to find a home cleaner in Melton – that was Ngaire’s problem. When she engaged AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne she worked long hours and was desperate for a good home cleaner.

When we spoke to her first she said that coming home to an untidy home really wasn’t sitting well with her, but so far she didn’t have had any luck to find a reliable home cleaner.

Quality guaranteed … clean, tidy, detailed – leaving a smell of spring time every time. She loved our tag line and she had high cleaning standards.

She wanted AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne to

  • dust, vacuum and mob
  • clean the bathroom and the toilett,
  • clean the kitchen, the oven and the microwave
  • clean the laundry

Read here what Ngaire from Melton has to say about AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne:

Hi, I’m Ngaire from Melton. AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne really surprised me.
I was so, so happy to find my kitchen actually sparkling and beautifully. I always cleaned my kitchen before but this time the cupboards where lighter and brighter. Everything shone me. It was beatiful.

The whole house had a lovely clean smell all the way through. It was so refreshing to come home and find every area of my house has been touched just lovely all the way through. It was fabulous. So nice to come home; so inviting and comfortable and cosy just gorgous; everywhere was beautiful. And they do it every single time. I’m happy. Never
have been happier with the cleaner and I’d have a few.

This time I’m not changing. I’m staying with AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne. They are the best I’ve ever found.

Clean Regards!

House Cleaner Bacchus Marsh Tip: How To Clean A House

This is a question asked more often than you think -therefore our House Cleaner Bacchus Marsh Tip: how to clean a house.House cleaner bacchus marsh - clean house

The first and most important thing you need to decide what kind of cleanliness you want. Did this statement catch you by surprise? Do you ask yourself right now if clean isn’t clean?

House Cleaner Bacchus Marsh Tip: how to clean a house

Let our house cleaner Bacchus Marsh explain! There are different reasons why you might clean. For example

  • everything is tidy and was cleaned on the weekend thoroughly and you plan a midweek touch-up
  • you have 2 hours time before an important visitor arrives
  • it’s your regular weekly cleaning day setting you up for the week or weekend
  • it’s time for a spring-time clean or in other words for a “deep” clean

So there could be a dust-over, wipe-over, normal dusting, normal wiping, detail dusting, detail wiping, removing grime and stains.

Maybe you name things differently than you do. For us a wipe over is a wipe around and only where needed, while a normal wiping is wiping everything and a detailed wiping is wiping everything while lifting things up, wiping underneath, behind and inside. Can you see the difference?

When you do a wipe-over you won’t do the cupboards or re-arranging the shelves. If you do it’s called getting side-tracked and will not get you the results you wanted. If you run out of time this also means you haven’t accomplished what you planned and that can cause frustration. A clean house should be bliss and far from frustrating.

Now as you know what you want to do it is time to get started. Preparing for cleaning is putting things back to where they belong. How long to you think it will take you?

Ready steady go.

  • The cushions go on the sofa
  • Cloths go either into the wardrobe, the dirty laundry box or the washing machine
  • The newspaper gets folded and presented on the table or it goes into the bin
  • The empty packed of milk gets thrown into the bin

Enjoy your clean house. We hope you enjoyed the house cleaner Bacchus Marsh tip: how to clean a house.

Clean regards!

Home Cleaner Taylors Hill – Tony about AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne

Listen to Tony what she had to say after our first visit at her house leaving it absolutely shiny and clean. She was so excited to have found a great Home Cleaner Taylors Hill that she gave us a spontaneous video testimonial!

We at AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne  love quality – clean, tidy, detailed – leaving a fresh smell of spring every time in your home. Guaranteed!

Warm Regards