House Cleaner Bacchus Marsh Tip: How To Clean A House

This is a question asked more often than you think -therefore our House Cleaner Bacchus Marsh Tip: how to clean a house.House cleaner bacchus marsh - clean house

The first and most important thing you need to decide what kind of cleanliness you want. Did this statement catch you by surprise? Do you ask yourself right now if clean isn’t clean?

House Cleaner Bacchus Marsh Tip: how to clean a house

Let our house cleaner Bacchus Marsh explain! There are different reasons why you might clean. For example

  • everything is tidy and was cleaned on the weekend thoroughly and you plan a midweek touch-up
  • you have 2 hours time before an important visitor arrives
  • it’s your regular weekly cleaning day setting you up for the week or weekend
  • it’s time for a spring-time clean or in other words for a “deep” clean

So there could be a dust-over, wipe-over, normal dusting, normal wiping, detail dusting, detail wiping, removing grime and stains.

Maybe you name things differently than you do. For us a wipe over is a wipe around and only where needed, while a normal wiping is wiping everything and a detailed wiping is wiping everything while lifting things up, wiping underneath, behind and inside. Can you see the difference?

When you do a wipe-over you won’t do the cupboards or re-arranging the shelves. If you do it’s called getting side-tracked and will not get you the results you wanted. If you run out of time this also means you haven’t accomplished what you planned and that can cause frustration. A clean house should be bliss and far from frustrating.

Now as you know what you want to do it is time to get started. Preparing for cleaning is putting things back to where they belong. How long to you think it will take you?

Ready steady go.

  • The cushions go on the sofa
  • Cloths go either into the wardrobe, the dirty laundry box or the washing machine
  • The newspaper gets folded and presented on the table or it goes into the bin
  • The empty packed of milk gets thrown into the bin

Enjoy your clean house. We hope you enjoyed the house cleaner Bacchus Marsh tip: how to clean a house.

Clean regards!

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