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AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne was founded in 2012. At first we thought we name it “Clean Freaks Melbourne” because we are clean-freaks. We hate strongly dislike dust, dirt, spots, stains, grime,streaks … you name it. And we love clean, neat, tidy, shiny, gleaming, orderly, organized, piece and harmony.

We know both sides. We worked as cleaners and we used cleaners. So we know what it takes as well as what cleaners did not work for us. This has shown to be a valuable edge.

What was planned as a solid brick-and-mortar, low-cost-entry, easy-to-find-customers, business filled up quickly. AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne started to get a good name. The delivered quality and the marketing strategy paid off. Soon there were more inquiries than could be handled. That was yesterday’s problem. Now I better explain how we resolved it.

AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne expanded

Good for the business – not so good for people looking for reliable, trustworthy clean-freaks home cleaners. It felt awful to let them down. Some of them literally begged us because they have heard how good we are from friends or family.

So we took the plunge and started looking for other clean-freaks cleaners. Worried if we would find any because of the horrific examples we experienced when we employed cleaners ourselves. Things we didn’t like and wouldn’t tolerate were – not on time, rushed, forgetful, leaving streaks, overlooking spots, cutting corners, careless, un-respectful, ….

To our surprise friendly, reliable people applied. So the business expanded. To our surprise they were all real clean freaks cleaners like us and fun to work with. Brilliant! Now we had team “Clean Freak” and team “Dirt Detective”. The good thing was we could help more people with their weekly cleaning and their spring cleaning. By word of mouth we also got office cleaning jobs and end-of-build cleaning jobs. We  worked fast and we created neat homes, clean offices, spotless medical practices, and slip-free factories every time.

That’s how we started in 2012 and that’s how we grow – carefully, to make sure that we keep our high clean standards and we deliver what we promise.

AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne’s Satisfaction Guarantee

AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne Satisfaction GuaranteeOur Satisfaction Guarantee keeps us on our toes and hasn’t been used by any of our clients yet! Yes, we are proud of this and we hope that is OK.

Do you like our team names? Here are some more: “Clean Freak”, “Dirt Detective”, “Grime Buster”, “Wipe Master”, “Mop Wiz”, …

Contact AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne here and let us know how we can help you!

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