Home Cleaner Eynesbury – Does your cleaner spray on the surface?

Home Cleaner Eynesbury – beware!

I heard this story first from an unhappy client about a home cleaner in Eynesbury. Amongst us cleaners here at AAA Cleaning services Melbourne it is referred to as the Home Cleaner Eynesbury story. I don’t blame the cleaner. She did it exactly how my mother tought me!

“Spray the cleaning product on the bench, the cupboard, the table and then wipe!Home Cleaner Eynesbury” That have been nearly her exact words when she sent me off to clean. Of course she would use the product name instead of “cleaning product” to make sure I understand.

I’ve done it for many years because I didn’t know better!

Eynesbury the newest township with the fastest internet you can dream off, a Championship golf course, a Greybox Forrest,  and the Homestead Cafe. The homestead Cafe is a lovely renovated and extended building build by the Eynesbury family who had their sheep farm where now the township is.

The atmosphere in the 1870’s bluestone historic homestead is memorable and a walking path allows you to visit all standing buildings painting an impressive picture of the old days.

Eynesbury the oasis surrounded by nature – I think  immediately environmentally friendly cleaning products. I’m not sure if the home cleaner in Eynesbury had the same thoughts.

Home Cleaner Eynesbury

What she did wasn’t environmentally friendly! And it can ruin your furniture too. I’m glad that I know now all the ins and outs of the trade – cleaning spotless every time.

Do you know why the first clean of a cleaning company takes longer the all repeating cleans after that? On reason is because the surfaces are drenched in sprayed-on cleaners!

This is my cleaning tip to the Home Cleaner Eynesbury -and all people looking for a good cleaner.

We at AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne are dedicated to cleanliness! We love quality – clean, tidy, detailed – leaving a fresh smell of spring every time in your home!

Warm Regards