House Cleaner Melton – What Your Cleaner Must Have!

Meeting your future home cleaner you probably ask him or her a lot of questions. So you should because this person is not only looking after the cleanliness of your home – he or she is looking after your home while they are there cleaning! Let us share with you a tip from our house cleaner Melton: what your cleaner must have!

If possible talk to them on the phone and also meet them face to face. The first impression counts and seeing them gives you more information.

House Cleaner Melton – What your cleaner must have!

One question you really want to make sure you ask is “Do you have a recent police check done?” Don’t stop there. Ask to see it. You want to look at the original not a photocopy. Unfortunately that’s not enough. Here comes the tricky part – is the document they show you an original or is it faked?

Trust is a good thing and doing your due diligence is better. Most cleaners are hard working people. If they don’t come via a company like AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne and it is the first time you meet them you want to be more carefully, especially if you are not at home while they clean.

It is not easy but you can check if the police check is a valid one. We do it with all our Melton and Melbourne cleaning personnel. This is  utmost important to us – so it should be to you.

We hope you enjoyed the tip from our house cleaner Melton: What a cleaner must have and it helps you to find the best cleaner for your needs.

We at AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne are dedicated to cleanliness! We love guaranteed quality … clean, tidy, detailed – leaving a fresh smell of spring every time in your Melton home!

Clean Regards