Is House Cleaning Melbourne Exercise?

Worldwide people ask the question if house cleaning is exercise – also in Melbourne, Australia. Could it be so easy? Just clean your house and become fit?

House Cleaning Melbourne

House Cleaning Melbourne – is it exercise?

When you ask this question you need to know 3 important facts about house cleaning!

  1. You move around while cleaning your house. Dusting, wiping, vacuming, and mopping will make you burn additional calories! Those calories you wouldn’t burn while sitting on the coach.
  2. House Cleaning can get your heart rate up – this holds true worldwide and of course as well in Melbourne. How much your heart rate goes up depends on how fast you move. The faster you move the more your heart rate goes up. So you decide how big the benefits are for your cardiovascular system.
  3. Moving around while cleaning your house will strengthen your muscles as well as it will stretch your muscles. Repetative movements like wiping give your muscles a good workout. And activities like high dusting make you reach and stretch out.

But does house cleaning really exercise you?

When searching on Google for ‘definition of exercise’ exercise is defined as

  • activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.

3 Important Questions About House Cleaning Melbourne

You need to ask yourself these 3 important questions to find out if house cleaning is exercise!

Q1: is burning calories while you do house cleaning sustaining and improving your health and fitness?

Q2: Is getting your heart rate up s while you do house cleaning sustaining and improving your health and fitness?

Q3: Is strengthening your muscles while you do house cleaning sustaining and improving your health and fitness?

You need to answer these questions for yourself – honestly! We believe that most people worldwide as well as in Melbourne will answer these 3 question with 3 Yeses.

That would make house cleaning Melbourne exercise. Let us know how you go! Leave us a comment!

We will publish the results in a later blog post.

Clean Regards
AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne

Home Cleaner Melton – Ngairee about AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne

Home Cleaner Melton – how to find a home cleaner in Melton – that was Ngaire’s problem. When she engaged AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne she worked long hours and was desperate for a good home cleaner.

When we spoke to her first she said that coming home to an untidy home really wasn’t sitting well with her, but so far she didn’t have had any luck to find a reliable home cleaner.

Quality guaranteed … clean, tidy, detailed – leaving a smell of spring time every time. She loved our tag line and she had high cleaning standards.

She wanted AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne to

  • dust, vacuum and mob
  • clean the bathroom and the toilett,
  • clean the kitchen, the oven and the microwave
  • clean the laundry

Read here what Ngaire from Melton has to say about AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne:

Hi, I’m Ngaire from Melton. AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne really surprised me.
I was so, so happy to find my kitchen actually sparkling and beautifully. I always cleaned my kitchen before but this time the cupboards where lighter and brighter. Everything shone me. It was beatiful.

The whole house had a lovely clean smell all the way through. It was so refreshing to come home and find every area of my house has been touched just lovely all the way through. It was fabulous. So nice to come home; so inviting and comfortable and cosy just gorgous; everywhere was beautiful. And they do it every single time. I’m happy. Never
have been happier with the cleaner and I’d have a few.

This time I’m not changing. I’m staying with AAA Cleaning Services Melbourne. They are the best I’ve ever found.

Clean Regards!