Home Cleaning Brookfield Tip: How To Clean A Shower

Cleaning Services Brookfield How to clean a showerWe like to use it every day. No better feeling than warm water running over our body washing away the sleep or the stress of the day. We are using soap and shampoo and in the mornings we might be rushed to make it on time. We even might close our eyes letting the water refresh or relax our eyes – until cleaning day when we take a closer look. Read here our Home Cleaning Brookfield tip on how to clean a shower.

You probably don’t believe us that the shower takes a lot of work when we get called in for the first time.

Tiles, glass fixtures, corners, maybe shower curtains, soap, shampoo, dust and dampness … not a good combination if it is left alone for too long!

Soap scum which sticks easily to the tiles and glass and makes the tiles and the beautiful glass doors milky or maybe even solid white. (Find here the chemical formula for soap scum)

Mildew colouring the shower floor, corners and grout black and red – not a clean and healthy look!

Home Cleaning Brookfield Tip

Our Home Cleaning Brookfield Tip how to clean a shower – the short answer is: regularly!
Don’t leave it too late. Depending on how many people use the shower one week might be already too long.

Other facts which influence the cleaning frequency are

  • is the bathroom / shower room aired?
  • Do you leave the shower door open after using it
  • Do you dry off the walls after you showered?
  • Do you use soap or liquid soap?
  • How spacious is your shower?

The Home Cleaning Brookfield tip also applies other suburbs especially the next ones like Melton, Eynesbury and Bacchus March.

Clean regards!